Malte - Founder

Hi, I'm Malte.

At Blockhütte, I take care of everything related to the product. That means: purchasing, product development, quality assurance, and of course, creativity and presentation – including photos, representation, design, etc. So, I'm basically ensuring that you can enjoy your unique and aesthetic products - whether at home or on the go.

What are the 5 reasons that brought you to Blockhütte®, Malte?

1.) Being able to lead a self-determined life.2.) An incredibly great working atmosphere within the team.3.) It's a lot of fun.4.) Many opportunities for further development.5.) The opportunity to create something new.

My biggest drivers:

The most convincing motivation for me, which led me to co-found Blockhütte with Nils, was to do something completely new and unconventional that not everyone would immediately dare to do. I wanted to create something new and do it together with a long-standing, very good friend.From that moment on, I could decide what I do, when I do it, and how I do it. I knew that every step was actively moving us forward. And that's day by day. The topic of sustainability is an additional, significant motivation for me. We all need to do something for our planet. With Blockhütte, we contribute our part to it and hopefully inspire many more to join us on this journey.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our backgrounds.

Simply put: We want to have fun and offer even more fun. Life is already gray and boring enough. We, from Blockhütte, are a "two-person startup" founded by us (Nils and Malte) in the spring of 2019 in our hometown of Paderborn. Since day one, we've been creating the best and most sustainable products to provide you with extremely durable and creative everyday companions that bring you incredible enjoyment! Through our creative products and personal customer approach, we aim to create the greatest value for you. With us, not even the smallest questions go unanswered. You, as a Blockhütte friend, are most important to us :).To top it off, we produce 100% plastic-free and extremely sustainable, so you can enjoy the beautiful and clean beaches of this world for a long time to come.