In our actions and being, we challenge the status quo of the throwaway culture.

We believe in sustainable consumption.

We want to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the beautiful moments and experiences that life and nature can offer, not just for a few more years before all beaches are polluted with plastic waste, but for all generations to come.

We believe that a sustainable lifestyle should be affordable for everyone and should be cool.

It must be as easy as possible for everyone to integrate other – more environmentally friendly (!) – behaviors into their everyday lives. In our opinion, it doesn't have to be difficult and boring. No, it can be easy and even fun.

In the first step, we want to give you extremely reliable , easy-to-use and qualitatively unbeatable products. So that in the second step it is child's play for you to avoid single-use products such as plastic sandwich bags and plastic bottles. With sustainable everyday products and a conscious decision, we can reduce our plastic consumption from an average of 40 kg per year by up to 6 kg !


The best day to start is today !

Consciously with pleasure!

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