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Hey, I'm Malte. By the time you read this, you've probably already had the chance to hold your new product from Blockhütte in your hands. - That truly makes us proud. You're one of the few who have found their way to this page. - I'm glad that you enjoy looking behind the scenes and engaging with important topics. I'd like to tell you a bit about myself and Blockhütte. Are you up for it? First and foremost: This is the primary point of contact for your issues and questions.You can easily reach out to us through the contact form, and if you'd like to find an answer on your own quickly, feel free to browse through our guides.

English: We challenge the status quo of throwaway culture in our actions and existence. We believe in sustainable consumption. We want to enable everyone to enjoy the beautiful moments and experiences that life and nature bring, not just for a few more years before all beaches are polluted with plastic waste, but for all future generations. We believe that a sustainable lifestyle can be affordable and cool for everyone. It should be as easy as possible for everyone to integrate more environmentally friendly behaviors into their daily lives. In our opinion, this doesn't have to be difficult and boring; we believe it can be simple and enjoyable. In the first step, we want to provide you with extremely reliable, easy-to-use, and unbeatable quality products. This way, in the second step, you can easily avoid disposable products like plastic sandwich bags and plastic bottles. With sustainable everyday products and conscious choices, we can reduce our average plastic consumption of 40 kg per year by up to 6 kg! The best day to start is today! From our perspective, you've made the best decision for yourself and the environment!

Now I would like to get to know you and your opinion better :)What excites you the most? Is it the robust design, the sustainable packaging, the usability, or do you have other points?I'm looking forward to reading about your experience or your very own story on Amazon or!Your review will help other interested individuals with their selection and give them more confidence in choosing the best product.

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